The Rental Checklist

Looking for a place to rent in Narellan can become tiring and even confusing. Renters who set out to find the right real estate to rent as their home will view a few properties or more in order to compare and decide on what’s best for them.
A simple way of avoiding confusion between properties and trying to remember which ones had the most pros and least cons is to have a checklist ready. You can easily create your own checklist with your specific needs and wants in a rental and compare this list with each property viewed. If you’re stuck for items you could add to your list, here are a few factors to consider.

What makes a rental ideal?


A seemingly obvious decider, the location of a rental is very important. Is it close to your place of work, your children’s school, if you have any, and is it close to shops? Think about the kind of amenities that are important for you to be near. If you are without a car do you travel by bus or train? Do you then need to be walking distance to a grocery store? Answering these simple questions will help you realise which rentals may be better suited for your needs.


The size of the rental required depends on the amount of people generally. Bigger groups or families require homes with more bathrooms, bigger lounge rooms and, ideally, some kind of outdoor area that provides more space to relax for those in the home. Do you have visitors regularly? Ascertain the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like or need and whether a yard is important to you or not.


When you think in terms of size, think also maintenance, as a bigger home means more work in cleaning inside and out. Usually the tenants are responsible for keeping lawns trimmed and of course the inside of the home neat and tidy. If there are only a couple of people with no children who don’t like a lot of housework, consider smaller homes such as townhouses.


Pet owners need to understand that even though they love their furry family members and want to take them wherever they live, others are not so welcoming of pets. It is extremely important that if you have pets, the rental you choose will accept them. It is a breach of tenancy contract to have pets residing in a home where they are not approved and puss or pooch might have to be left out in the cold.
There is much to consider when searching for a rental. If you would like more assistance in finding a new home that is right for you, click here.