DIY not Always the Answer

There are many benefits to having a competent DIY enthusiast in the home these days. DIY has proved a very beneficial area as many people find it cuts costs, as long as the job is done properly. However, there are those who have undertaken a DIY project and found that something has been done wrong or something disastrous happens, and then DIY is no longer saving you money, but costing you more than you anticipated.
There are some investment property owners in Ingleburn who like to take care of repairs themselves in their rentals as they find it cuts costs. This may be all well and good in their own homes but there are some areas that DIY should definitely not be attempted, especially in a rental. The property experts at Prudential Real Estate know it’s best to hire a professional, every time.

DIY jobs to avoid

In any home, whether it is a rental or not, certain things should not be carried out by just anyone who fancies themselves as being a handyman. Building a bookshelf or repairing a hole in the wall is one thing, but repairs to items such as electrical switches or plumbing should be left well alone unless the repairer is fully qualified and insured.

Tenants and income to consider

Repairing big jobs such as electricals or plumbing without the proper qualifications is a dangerous game and can easily become a nightmare. Aside from the obvious danger to yourself where electrical items are concerned, plumbing and electricity are not cheap items to fix if something goes wrong. Having these items repaired professionally, and correctly, the first time, saves money in the long run.
Where tenants are concerned, they have legal rights to have functioning electricity and plumbing facilities. This means, time is of the essence. If you even have the knowledge to carry out the repairs, you most probably don’t have the time. And if something goes wrong, you potentially upset good tenants by rendering them without these facilities for a longer time than necessary.

Investment owners best to stay way

There is a level of privacy that tenants in Ingleburn are entitled to and want when they rent a property. It is always best that property owners remove themselves from the picture so tenants do not feel their privacy is being infringed upon or that they are not being left to quiet enjoyment of the property.
Prudential real estate have been effectively managing rental properties for many years and have the knowledge, time and connections to ensure your investment has repairs carried out in a timely fashion that is as cost effective as possible for you.
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