Don’t lose a sale on your property!

Let’s face it: It’s a tough time to sell your home.
Prices are falling, properties are lingering on the market and buyers are at leisure with multiple options.

As a seller, it can be even tougher to let go of the expectation that you will achieve the asking price. And for many who fail to do their market research, there’s a lot more to lose than confidence.

But it’s not all bad news for property sellers; there are plenty of buyers currently looking for a home, and sales are being made.

It can be helpful to know that in a down market, offers will often be less than the asking price. While many owners will decide to ‘hold on’ for a better offer, waiting for the next opportunity is not only time-consuming, but costly. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that a better offer will arrive – and in many instances, it’s less than the first.

It’s typically at this point that sellers want to avoid the risk of waiting even longer, and are left with no choice but to take the latter (and lesser) offer.

So, what would the best option be? To accept an offer lower than initially expected, or to gamble the opportunity to sell and be left with your property?

While every case is different, at Prudential Real Estate we advise to carefully consider every offer that you receive. Be sure to seek the expertise of your agent in negotiating a counter-offer; and remember, if you’re trading in the same market, chances are that you will land a bargain on the other side!

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