The Easy Going Landlord

There are some of us out there who have experienced the easy going landlord. They usually live next door or up the block and really don’t mind what you do with the house, within limits of course.
Provided you pay the rent on time everybody is happy!
You get to hang your children’s pictures on the walls without being told off. Maybe paint a wall or two, add a vegetable patch or chicken coop, and no one is put out. Some of you may even be best friends with your landlord.
Whilst these relationships work very well they are definitely tipping towards to lower end of the scale in numbers. If you think you can be this sort of landlord then the world is your oyster to advertise and find someone you feel you can get along with.
If you have the time to collect the rent, attend to any repair or maintenance issues, arrange quotes for any number of repairs, be available for quarterly inspections and be prepared to manage the pursuit of overdue rent in arrears or payment for damages, then this is the perfect vehicle to fill your hours.
Landlords and tenants becoming close can quickly change should any change in the status quo take place.
Leave it to the Prudential
Forgive us for painting a picture of doom and gloom. Some of the scenarios we have painted are truly irregular occurrences.
It is, however, important to understand that at any turn of the day, you may be required to make decisions that should involve the knowledge of the industry rules and regulations.
Don’t even get us started on the laws and by-laws. Professionals, such as we, have discovered that finding and keeping good tenants takes a lot of time and care.
The Prudential Real Estate staff members have a combined knowledge bank to help manage and overcome any obstacles that may arise quickly and with little distress to all parties. We make it our business to network with the locals and build relationships with our serviceman.
We have gathered a competent and knowledgeable crew of specialists in the electrical, plumbing and maintenance industries. It is through service agreements, along with efficient delivery and costing, which have brought us together.
We oversee and attend to any issues that arise quickly, and cost effectively to deliver the best service possible to our property owners. This makes it a win-win as our property owners barely have to lift a finger!

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