Renting: House Or Unit?

There is no question that renting your next home through our office at Prudential Real Estate is the best way to go. The only question you need to ask yourself is do you want to rent a house or a unit in Sydney? Some may have an answer straight away, thinking the decision is a small one to make but there really are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing what kind of abode you would like to live in.
It may seem like a fair enough choice to want to rent a house, for instance because there is more space. But more space can bring about more work. Likewise, choosing a unit may seem like there aren’t as many chores to do; however, are you willing to compromise your space?
To make the decision an easier one for you we have put together some pros and cons of each. We would also like to point out a couple of questions you might like to ask yourself.

What is your current situation and will it change?

Firstly, you need to consider your current situation. Are you a single person looking to rent on your own, with a friend or a couple of friends? A couple with no children: are you planning to have children? Are you a family that has finished growing or is there more growing to go? Do you have pets or are you thinking of getting pets?
If you know what your current living situation is, or if you have knowledge of any upcoming changes, this will greatly govern the kind of living quarters you require.

Renting a unit

There are quite a few benefits to renting a unit. Often units are found closer to the action of cafes, shopping centres and public transport. This means if you are young or you just like a faster paced lifestyle then living in a unit block may be for you.
There are some units found in quiet areas though, so if you are after this lifestyle in a unit it is not impossible. The upside to units is generally less maintenance involved. The area inside is quicker to clean and usually there is little or no garden to maintain.
They are perfect for singles, couples or a couple of friends to share. Downsides are usually pets are not allowed and the lack of space can be trying for some.

Renting a house

Houses come with many benefits too. The obvious benefit of renting a house in Sydney is the space they offer both outside and inside. Families with children tend to go for houses more, so there is space to play outside. Houses are usually in quieter more suburban areas too.
Houses do draw more work for their occupants though, with lawns to mow and gardens to tend. The upside to this is having a space outside to enjoy beautiful weather and you are more likely to be allowed a pet in a house.
Talk to our team at Prudential Real Estate today about applying to rent your perfect home, whatever your needs.

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