Owning A Better Quality Of Life

There is much debate about whether owning your own home is better than renting. For some, they are happy to rent and there certainly are benefits and good points to be enjoyed. However, at Prudential Real Estate we believe each family or individual is unique and what may be perfect for one is not the same for another.
With this in mind we have compiled a list of reasons why owning your own home is more beneficial. We will clearly state the reasons why being a home owner provides a better quality of life as well as why it can be more convenient. If at the end of this list you decide home owning is for you, you should contact our office to discuss further.


Something you get with owning your own home is stability. Provided you can make your mortgage payments and take care of your budget well, the only time you move is when you decide. When you’re renting there is always the chance that the current owner decides to sell and the new owner wants to occupy.

Your home, your choice

Don’t like the carpets? You can change them. Want to change the colours of the walls, the curtains into blinds? You can do it. In fact you can change anything you don’t like in your own home and unless it is major building or structural changes you don’t need anyone’s permission to do so.
When you are in a rental you don’t have that kind of freedom.

Better finances

It may seem like owning your own home is a bigger financial outlay but this is not necessarily the case. Owning your own home in Ingleburn is a great path to achieving financial security. You have the opportunity to build equity, move on and buy subsequent properties while you rent out the others; there are also great tax benefits.
When you own your own home you make the choices you want, when you want. You are not paying off someone else’s investment or financial freedom but your own.
There are many more benefits to owning your own home. Ask your friends and family who are home owners how they find owning their own home works for them.
When you’re ready to get some expert advice and guidance in the process of buying your own home, contact our office. Our team at Prudential Real Estate Ingleburn have the knowledge and experience to ensure you make the best decision in buying your own home sweet home.

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