Maximise Your Rental Return With Us

When you own a rental property in Campbelltown, the basic idea of this is to generate an income. Outside of wanting to negatively gear, for instance, what investment property owners want is for their investment to make money.
Because of this we highly recommend you enlist the services of a reputable rental management team in Campbelltown such as ours at Prudential Real Estate. Our professional team know exactly how to maximise your rental return while offering astute management services.
While we will guide you with information along the way as we manage your property, we will share with you now some of the ways we ensure that your rental return is maximised.

Rent review

Our rental specialists will regularly review the rent on your property. Rental tenancy guidelines stipulate that increases can only happen at set intervals and as each of these times comes up we will ensure that your rent is set to a reasonable yet maximum amount to benefit you.
This is so your rental is set to a comparative yet competitive rate ensuring that your home is tenanted whilst still generating the income you hope for.

Correct notice

There is a legal requirement to give tenants an appropriate amount of notice about rental increases. We will advise tenants within the legal guidelines when increases are to happen and we are careful to use the correct date for when the new rental amount is to be paid.

Good tenants can beat high rent

If your property in Campbelltown is rented at the highest rate possible this may well sound ideal. However, if the tenants in place do not care for the property then you can end up losing money on repairs and maintenance.
If you have good reliable tenants in place for a long period, consider weighing up which is more important: Losing a good tenant over a rent increase or increasing the rent and risking a poor tenant. While we take all precautions possible to place the best tenants, sometimes things can go wrong.

Repairs and maintenance

While on the topic of repairs and maintenance we would like to point out that ensuring the home is liveable and safe for tenants will ensure your income. A happy tenant is a good tenant who stays.
Lastly, as mentioned, the best rental team taking care of your property will go a long way to maximising your return, too. Contact us at Prudential Real Estate today to talk to us about how we can help you.

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