Let’s Talk About Respect

There are all sorts of rules and regulations revolving around how parties involved in a rental or lease agreement are to act. When it comes to privacy it’s not rocket science. It’s just all about respect and common sense.

Fair Trading New South Wales  advises tenants:

“You have a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of the premises you are renting. Your landlord, agent, or anybody else acting on their behalf must not interfere with your reasonable peace, comfort, and privacy.
For this reason, the law restricts the access a landlord or agent can have to the rented property while you are living in it. They are only allowed to enter the premises at certain times for certain reasons and in most cases have to give you notice first.”

Alternatively a Landlord is advised:

“One of your responsibilities as a landlord is to ensure that the tenant’s reasonable peace, comfort, and privacy are not interrupted by you or any other person under your control. Tenants have a basic right to quiet enjoyment of the premises they are renting.
For this reason, the law restricts the amount of access you, your agent, or anyone acting on your behalf can have to the property while it is being rented out. You are only allowed to enter the premises at certain times for certain reasons. You must not ‘drop by’ unannounced, look over the fence or do anything else to disturb the tenant’s privacy and quiet enjoyment.”
As you can see they say pretty much the same thing. The bottom line is to treat each other with respect.

Notice Prior to Entry

The guidelines are pretty reasonable and accommodate both parties in a balanced way. Basically, a Macquarie landlord cannot turn up unannounced, look over the fence, or do anything that may disturb a tenant.
A suitable amount of notice must be given. The notice amount allotted varies depending on the reason for the access. As an example:-

  • If the Macquarie landlord or his/her agent wished to inspect the premises they must give 7 (seven) days’ notice.
  • To carry out general repairs 2 (two) days’ notice is all that is required.
  • If there is reasonable cause for concern for the tenant then no notice is required.

Keep It Simple

As specialist property management agents in Macquarie, Sydney Prudential Real Estate have a vast knowledge of the rules and regulations revolving around tenancies.
We strive to keep this process as simple and respectful as much as possible.

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