Keep Up or Shut Down – Technological Super Service Is Here To Stay

While it seems like a lifetime ago social media websites began to take over the internet, it was only in 2004 when they truly began to gain prominence. According to Alexa traffic statistics, in just a few short years, Facebook has gone from a small university networking system to the most popular website on the internet. Not only has this revolutionised our lives, it has also influenced the way we do business.
As real estate agents in Sydney, online advertising now reaches thousands of potential clients instantly. The photos we take are captured in high-quality and vivid colors, the floor plans we design give dimension and our written text include more than the three line advertisement traditionally found in a newspaper. As amazing as the ever-changing nature of technology can be, many organisations and real estate agents have been left behind. Failing to keep up with improved technology means they have been unable to compete and are now no longer able to do business in a way demanded by today’s property consumer.
At Prudential, we are always striving to improve the services we provide. We recognize the only way to remain current in this marketplace in Sydney is to change the way we do business to ensure the best possible service is delivered to all of our clients.
Over the last few years, we have pioneered the use of online marketing and client databases. For our clients, whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing, we can put you in touch with thousands of others in the local area. This has not only reduced the time it takes us to sell and lease properties, but ensures your needs and wants are matched with the best candidate in our database. In the past, the only way to network with others was through limited word-of-mouth or print media advertising.
The most recent change we have experienced at Prudential is the development of our Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and mobile version of our website.  These have been specifically designed to make it easier for you to reach us, even outside of normal trading hours. It has never been more convenient for you to interact with our team, simply log on to our Facebook page and leave a comment, we’re always happy to hear from you.
In addition to social networking, we now utilise Google as our core email and scheduling process. This means any of our employees can access their emails and appointments from anywhere with an internet connection and browser. We no longer have to wait until they get back to the office to check and reply to emails. We can book appointments and prevent double bookings while also attending an open-house simultaneously. All these changes have happened over time, and we have recognised these improvements in efficiency and ensure all of our clients are not only satisfied, but thrilled to have done business with us.
Feel free to  have a look at what we’ve done with social media. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and have a browse at our Pinterest accounts.
As technology continues to develop, so will Prudential. This is how we have remained competitive in the past, and it is how we plan improving for the future.