Investments Work for you With Good Property Management

Are you a property investor who feels disenchanted about investing in property? Has it all not gone according to plan and you’ve lost money rather than gained it? Are you less than impressed with the service of your current property manager or are you trying to do it on your own?
Well stop right here and listen to what we have to say. The time, effort and money you put into investigating and purchasing what you thought would be the perfect investment will not be in vain when you list with us.
At Prudential Real Estate Sydney we offer the best service possible to all of our clients, each and every one of them. We manage over 3,000 properties and this is a testament to how happy our clients are. Don’t be put off by the large list, be encouraged by it, because it means we are doing something right.

Two common mistakes property investors make

After all the careful planning and research into buying a property, investors often forget the most important part, that is, perfect property management. They mistakenly choose the cheaper option for property management services in Sydney assuming this will save them money or they just don’t do enough research into what the company actually does for their percentage.
These are just two of the mistakes but they can be the most fatal. Saving money on a second-rate property manager will not save you money in the end and not checking what services are offered will be a downfall.
Too often investors have an endless stream of bad tenants through their homes. Rent is not paid on time, damage is caused and maintenance is not kept up. Unfortunately, if the property manager is not working hard for you, these things can be missed and sometimes it’s too late to prevent the worst.

Some of what we do for you

Here at Prudential Real Estate Sydney we take your investment seriously and treat your business as our business. We thoroughly screen all tenants and ask for correct identification so we know who we are placing in your property.
We ensure legal compliance for the tenancy agreement and that rent is paid on time, every time. We carry out regular inspections and communicate with you on what is happening with your property.
At all times we place our clients first. If you would like to get in touch and learn more about us, visit online at today.

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