Ending a Tenancy Agreement the Right Way

Renters in Narellan escape many of the responsibilities that come with owning a home however there is still a level of responsibility that needs to be met. The tenancy agreement that is put in place outlines what is expected of the tenants and this agreement should be adhered to at all times as failure to do so is a breach of a legal contract.
When it comes to ending a tenancy agreement the correct procedure needs to be implemented to ensure the best outcome for all parties. In an ideal situation, all matters relating to rental properties are handled by a professional property management group such as Prudential Real Estate. Their many years experience in the industry means the advice and management you receive is the very best possible.

Reasons for ending a tenancy

There can be various reasons why there is a need to end a tenancy agreement. It may be that the tenants in Narellan are no longer able to afford the rent, they need to relocate for work or family reasons, they no longer wish to reside on the property or their housing needs change, whatever the reason, a tenant simply cannot just up and leave.

Who can end it and what can occur?

Either the tenant or property owner can end the agreement and written notice is required if the reason is a valid one. If the tenant and property owner reach a mutual agreement to end the tenancy agreement, whether early or when due to end, the law requires the agreement to be put in writing.
If the tenant requests to end the tenancy early without a good reason then they may be asked to pay the rent even after they have vacated until a new tenant is in place. Each case however is different and Prudential Real Estate will expertly guide both parties in what needs to be done.

Leaving the property

When the tenant/s leave the property they are required leave the property in the condition they found it in, allowing for fair wear and tear, and follow the guidelines outlined in the tenancy agreement on exiting the premises.
Generally it is expected that carpets are professionally cleaned, pest exterminations carried out and the home is cleaned thoroughly throughout. Expectations can vary from owner to owner and it’s highly recommended that you talk to your property manager if there is any confusion.
For more information on renting the best properties available from the best property managers and all there is to know about tenancy agreements including ending them, get in touch with our real estate agents.