Can Termites Eat Too Much?

Every month our offices sell dozens of local homes in all price categories, in a wide range of local suburbs like Narellan and for a variety of clients.
However, not all property sales run smoothly. In fact, that’s the reason why property sellers need a good real estate agent – to iron out the bumps, solve the little problems that arise and to manage the whole process to a successful outcome for everyone involved.
Luckily, most problems during a property sale are only minor. Occasionally, however, we run into much bigger issues. Termites are one of those problems. Unfortunately, termites are everywhere and they are hungry. And one termite usually brings their friends and family when there’s a meal to be had at your house. Without regular inspections by a trained pest control expert most of us would not know if termites are gnawing away at the structural timbers of our home.
What happens when a house is for sale? Once a buyer is found their solicitor or conveyancer will arrange both a pest inspection and a building inspection of the property to ensure everything is OK. If termites are discovered at the property a buyer is less likely to proceed with the sale (this depends on many factors such as the amount of damage and the cost of repair as well as the skill of the agent to negotiate a solution, but it can be a big problem).
So, what is the best advice? First, it’s a small cost to pay to have a professional pest controller visit your home once a year. They will alert you if termites start on your home. Next, before putting your home on the market take the time to arrange an inspection of your home by your pest controller who will then issue a certificate which can be shown to prospective buyers. At the end of the day the certificate will give you peace of mind that you are unlikely to lose a buyer over something that is so easily preventable.
The CSIRO website provides great advice on this subject. Email and ask for the link.

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