66 ways to cut down on household expenses

Put down that extra large cappuccino from the overpriced coffee shop up the road and stop to think about how much money you are spending on your morning coffee?!
Every dollar adds up and on average a good cuppa costs around $3.00. For example if you were to purchase a coffee each day for a week you are spending $15.00 a week that could be put back into your savings. Over a year this equates to a whopping $780.00 that you could be saving towards your next holiday, project or even a house deposit!
Faced with extravagant house prices and high barriers to entry for first home buyers now is the time to buckle down with your spending and get your savings up to scratch to buy into the market as soon as possible. Starting early is important and it can be achieved with discipline and creativity. Learn these 66 super frugal ways to cut down on your household expenses.