Stand Out From the Rental Crowd

There are many hopefuls wanting to get into rental properties. With some homes attracting a few or more applicants you might find that you miss out on the perfect place that you really wanted. At Prudential Real Estate we do our best to assist all applicants in finding their home sweet home but at times there will be applications that are more suitable for various reasons. If you are interested in standing out from the other applicants and making all the right moves to get into your dream home then you need to make a lasting impression. Consider the following simple tips to make your application the successful one.

Dress for success

While going to view a property or talk to our rentals team is not a job interview, first impressions are everything. We understand that everyone has their own sense of style but when presenting for a viewing consider what you are wearing. Showing up with a clean and tidy appearance goes a long way. Showing that you take pride in your own appearance will show you very likely take the same kind of pride in how your home looks. One of the things we are looking for in a tenant is someone who will take care of the property.

Be punctual

Being on time, or even a little early, is a good sign. If you are there ready with a friendly smile at the start of the inspection it will say two things: you are reliable and you will pay your rent on time. Showing up late, unless you have had an emergency, gives the impression you are disorganised or not really bothered about getting the place.

Be prepared

Being prepared is a big plus in rental applications. While the agent will have application forms to take and fill out for those interested, it looks really good if you already have yours completed. Rental owners are looking to get good tenants into their homes in a timely fashion. If you have a suitable application ready to be submitted on the day of inspection, it means you respect that and you are keen. It also shows you are organised. You can access the forms you need to fill out to apply for a property at the bottom of this page

Be honest and open

If you have pets or there may be an issue with your rental history then be honest. Letting us know ahead of time and explaining anything upfront is a good move. Everyone makes mistakes; owning up to this is a step to making changes. Our final tip is to be positive and put yourself out there. If there is a garden and you love to garden, say so; this kind of thing is important to your success as an applicant although it is not written in your application. Contact us at Prudential Real Estate today for a list of properties we have available.

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